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RE: [IP] I'm frustrated already!


You may not be aware of this, but although you are insured with Cigna, they
do not make the approval for a pump - they sub it out to a third party, who
has a greater knowledge of diabetes issues. So, I would imagine that they
are quite accustomed to seeing 'illegible' bg records. So, you may consider
sending them just as they are. After all they are YOUR records and you and
your Endo understand them and the aim of using a pump is to improve bg's, so
having bad numbers during the nighttime is probably of no consequence. 

Best wishes 


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		Hi all!

		................  I am now frantically trying to get my BS's
legible enough to
		send tomorrow.  I asked that they not be sent in unless
Cigna asks for them
		because I have a sick feeling they'll do more harm than
good.  They look
		really good except for night time and
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