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[IP] (Fwd) JDF Washington Report No. 15

JDF Washington Report
Volume II, No 15
July 8, 1999


The House and Senate Labor, HHS, Education Subcommittees are 
scheduled next week to mark up (finalize and send out of 
subcommittee) bills that fund the National Institutes of Health 
(NIH).  JDF needs your help quickly in calling your Member of 
Congress and Senator to urge increased funding for diabetes 
research through the National Institutes of Health.  Some tips and 

·       Call the Capitol Hill Switchboard Operator and ask for your 
Member of Congress’ office.  The switchboard number is 202-224-  
3121.  If you don’t know your  Congressional Representative or 
Senators, go to http://www.house.gov/writerep/ (for House 
Members) or http://www.senate.gov/senators/  (for Senate 
Members) and the sites will ask you to input your zip code.  
Although not all Members of Congress serve on these 
subcommittees, they will all eventually vote on this legislation.  

·       Ask to speak to the legislative aide who handles health 
research issues.  If you get voicemail, leave your name, town, and 
brief message about increasing funding for diabetes research.  You 
can either leave your number or the JDF Government Relations 
number (202-371-9746) if the staff person has questions.  

·       If you do speak to the staff person, please email a summary 
of your conversation to the advocate’s list and let us know with 
whom you spoke.  

·       TELL YOUR PERSONAL STORY! The easiest part of this 
phone call will be telling the staff person WHY you want to find a 
cure for diabetes and how federal funding for diabetes research will 
help this effort.  But, be BRIEF!  

·       Urge your Member to join JDF in requesting federal funding for 
diabetes research at $827 million (currently, the government funds 
$430 million) as recommended by the Congressionally mandated 
Diabetes Research Working Group, a panel of experts who studied 
scientific opportunity and developed recommendations for diabetes 
research at the NIH.  

·       Urge your Representatives and Senators to support the 
bipartisan effort to DOUBLE the NIH budget over five years.  This 
movement has tremendous support in both houses of Congress.  
Remind them that an investment in biomedical research and 
diabetes research saves lives and saves money.  

·       You may want to mention that JDF recently completed a very 
successful first-ever JDF Children’s Congress.  Hopefully your 
elected official had the opportunity to meet with the delegate from 
your state.  

·       Thank the staff person for his/her time and ask for the 
Member’s commitment to find a cure for diabetes through the 
support of federally funded research.  

Some statistics you may want to include during your discussion:  

·       There are over 16 million Americans with diabetes.  That is 
approximately 37,000 voters who have diabetes in EACH 
congressional district! 
·       Every forty seconds, a new case of diabetes is diagnosed. 
·       The World Health Organization estimates that there are 
approximately 135 million people with diabetes worldwide; however, 
this number will rise to 300 million by the year 2025. 
·       Almost 6% of the world’s population have diabetes.  The 
Centers for Diseases Control (CDC) has named diabetes an 
·       The life expectancy of people with diabetes averages 15 
years less than that of people without diabetes. 
·       Every three minutes, someone dies from diabetes. 
·       Diabetes is the leading cause of new blindness in adults, end-
stage renal (kidney) disease, and non-traumatic amputations.  
People with diabetes are at greater risk for heart disease, stroke 
and nerve damage. 
·       America spends over $98 billion to care for people with 
·       The average lifetime cost of diabetes care if diagnosed as a 
young child is calculated at $600,000 in today’s dollars.  

Because this legislation is moving very quickly, we are requesting 
that you call the appropriate offices today!  However, if you wish to 
write to your Member of Congress, please see the Congressional 
addresses below:  

The Honorable _________
US Senate 
Washington, DC  20510

Dear Senator ______:

The Honorable __________
US House of Representatives
Washington, DC  20515

Dear Representative _______:

202-224-3121  Capitol Hill Switchboard

Please contact JDF with any questions, comments and responses 
you may receive from your Member of Congress.  PLEASE CALL 
NOW before the decisions are made about research funding!   

How To Join This List:
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Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
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1400 I Street, NW, Suite 530
Washington, D.C. 20005
Fax:  202-371-2760
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