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Re: [IP] dawn phenomenon

> I am wondering what exactly a d.p. is, and could this be my problem?

Dawn phenomenon is caused by the body dumping growth hormone and sugar
from the liver to get the body "revved up" for the day.  Some of us
night people have a dawn phenomenon that is later than the average.  I
always knew that the appropriate time to get up is 9 not 6, now I can
say that I have proof <g>.  I have a significant dawn phenomenon
including a jump from .8 to 1.3 to .9 in 3 hours.  If not for the fact
that I verified that portion of the day earlier this week, I would think
I had messed something up.

> I have experienced a numer of really high bg's in the morning, between > 8am and 11am, and I'm trying to figure out why.

If the increase is consistent when fasting, I would adjust basal rates.

(who just remembered one of the reasons the pump is so much better than

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