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Re: [IP] Silhouette sticking


I inserted the Tenders without any tape dressing for a couple years. It
wasn't till this spring that I tried inserting through IV3000. I used the
IV3000 several times, but wasn't crazy about the way it worked with the
Tender - sometimes it seemed to not stick well. I started using 3M Tegaderm
HP when the weather turned real hot and humid, and love the stuff. It
sticks well, "breathes" and doesn't bother the skin. That's my favorite
(for now).


Sam wrote:

>Ever since I was first trained (we're talking about pump training here), I 
>have been sticking my Silhouettes on top of an IV3000. Does anyone just 
>stick the silly thing directly on the skin, without anything in between? 
>(Dare I say, "use a naked Silhouette"??)

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