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Re: [IP] Silhouettes

Hi !

Yes, you bet the Silhoouette WILL stay on with only that "little" piece of
tape - they make some POWERFUL glue! And I had thought the same thing before
I tried one  - but, lo and behold - they'er exactly as you say - MUCH more
comfortable!  U put them in at a 30 degree angle but I've never readily
recognized what is 30 degrees - 90 I know and 45 I know, so I have to guess
at 30.  I shoot for somethiing less that 45 degrees.  It is incredibly
comfortable (where for me the sof-set failed 3 times in one montha and 2
times in two weeks - plus when it didn't fail, it was enormously
UNCOMFORTAABLE!  Try the silhoouette - for $178.00 you can buy the 10
cartridges and a box of 10 silhouettes too.  Maybe your insurance would
cover it.  MiniMed will not exchange sofsets that are over 30 days old, for
silhouettes.  If you have some recently purchased sof-sets, than take half
of them and return them to MM.  That way, you're only stuck with half of
them, in case you can't return them!  Good luck!

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Date: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 10:40 AM
Subject: [IP] Silhouettes

>I'd like to thank everyone who shared their experiences with the
>silhouettes.  I've been on the pump for a month now and never had a problem
>with the infusion set comming out UNTIL yesterday I pulled out two infusion
>sets for no apparent reason.  As I am currently paying for these myself
>until I (hopefully) get some help from my insurance company I was very
>upset.  I had been reading on this chat line that the silhouettes stay in
>much better but they looked so intimidating to put in so I wa susing the
>soft-set inserter.  I had one silhouette that had been given to me as a
>sample and so I phoned Minimed and had them talk me through an insertion.
>It wasn't that bad and with what I know now I am sure it will be much
>better the next time.  The inserter needle looks and feels like a large
>darning needle but if I stick it in faster next time it wont hurt as much.
>The big surprise is how much more comfortable it is once it is in place.  I
>can press on it and it doesn't hurt, which I could not do with the sets
>that go in at 90 degrees.  I have only been wearing it one day so only time
>will tell if it stays in better.  If I hadn't heard so much about it on
>this chat line I doubt if I would have tried it.  Now I am sorry I have
>such a big stock of the old infusion sets to use up before I can buy more
>One question:  The Help Line said to remove the bottom part of the tape
>before inserting the needle, but I found that I messed up the tape when I
>did that.  Can I not leave both pieces of backing on the tape and Then
>remove the tape?  She had me stick on the tape that is folded back in front
>of the needle first, but it seemed to me that it might be easier to stick
>the bottom piece on first.
>Has anyone tried this?  I aslo placed extra sticky tape on top of the
>silhouette though the Help desk said that this wasn't necessary.  Will it
>really stay on with only that little patch of tape?
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