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Re: [IP] I'm frustrated already!

Hi all!

Went to meet with the other CDE that I'm friendly with today. She showed me
both pumps and after weighing the pros and cons I decided to go with the
Disetronic.  I am now frantically trying to get my BS's legible enough to
send tomorrow.  I asked that they not be sent in unless Cigna asks for them
because I have a sick feeling they'll do more harm than good.  They look
really good except for night time and morning.

I really feel my CDE at Joslin is doing a disservice to her clients by not
knowing both pumps.  She REALLY tried to sway my decision towards MM.  She
wouldn't have even mentioned the Disetronic if I had not brought it up.
When I did bring it up she said it was "very hard to learn".  Didn't look
too hard today.  I guess she's trying to make excuses for her own laziness!

Thanks everyone for your input and encouragement.  I hope I get to the point
where I can offer advice someday!

take Care,

Donna Triolo-Clarke

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