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Re: [IP] Help = Tape

Leann -

How old is your son and is he thin?  My sofsets (MiniMed) also hurt me at
least for the first day or so - sometimes longer - and I converted to
silhoutettes after that.  Silhouettes ARE more comfortable!  What kiind of
set did you/he put in?  Maybe that's the problem - even MiniMed told me that
softsets could hurt and/or
not (NOT!) work shortly after putting them in, if he's thin.  If you're
using MiniMed, try a silhouette instead.

Best of luck,  Jane
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From: Leann Pruitt <email @ redacted>
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Date: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 10:05 PM
Subject: [IP] Help = Tape

>We just got back from getting hooked up for the trial pump(my 10 yo son
>Alex and I).  His tape is pulling on his skin and hurting.  What do we
>do?  We are trying to pull the tape off but, that hurts.  We have an
>extra tape pad to put on.  If anyone could answer we would be grateful.
>I am also going to search the archives.
>Leann Pruitt
>mother of Alex(10) dx'd @ 5
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