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[IP] Gone Live Today!

Well, after a month of wearing the pump with saline solution, I started with 
insulin today.  It went very well.  Set up was easy because of my prior 
experience with the saline.  My basal was set at 0.5 and my carb ratio was 
started with 1 unit to 1 carb(15 grams) . Because of a crash in the afternoon 
it was decided to change the ratio to 1 unit to 20 grams carb.  I am 
currently on 4 carbs (60 grams) for brkfst, lunch and dinner, with  a snack 
between lunch dinner and one at bedtime. I also have my protein in this.  I 
have to take my bsg before meals, two hours after meals, at snack time, 
bedtime and at 3:00am.  If bsg goes under 60 or over 300 I have to call the 
endo.  So many things to remember.  I think that I will be feeding lows for 
the next few days because I did not have my usual activity today while I was 
under supervision.  NERVOUS!!!!!

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