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RE: [IP] I'm frustrated already!


I read your mail with interest, I thought that I would have the same
problems as you anticipate. My last A1c was 5.6, and like you I assumed that
the insurance company would say, "You already have good control, therefore
you don't need a pump".

Well, I am insured with Cigna too, and I was really surprised, they approved
my pump in 4 days. This is now my third week pumping. I didn't do anything
special, just made sure that there were plenty of bg records sent with the
claim, involved my HR dept. and spoke to the Cigna rep. daily. 

Incidentally, Disetronic did give me a loaner pump, once my Endo had signed
the 'letter of necessity', although it turned out that in fact I didn't need
it at all as I received the 'real' one three days later!

So don't give up hope, remember, here on IP you tend to read only of other
prospective 'pumpers' who are having difficulties with their insurers, those
of us that didn't have any difficulties are typically, "not reported".

Good luck.


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		...........last A1c was 6.7.  Because of this Cigna may not
be as willing to pay for the pump. What's not seen on paper is that I have
many lows in the middle of the night
		(usually wake up at around 30) and high morning blood
sugars(250) at least 3
		days a week..............
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