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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #265

Hi all.  I have been reading, but not writing, and I appreciate all I have 
learned from you.  My son Stephen(12) just started his saline run yesterday 
with a minimed 507C and using a softset infusion set.  I just heard today 
that the insurance has approved 100% of the cost of the pump and supplies.  
An ice blue pump is on its way!

Now for questions.  I told the minimed person I've been dealing with that we 
want to go with silloettes (sp), not softsets, but she felt startups are 
always done with softsets, so that is what was sent.  Even the CDE was 
surprised at this, saying the choice is ours, not theirs.  The CDE will let 
him try the sil on Monday when we go live.  He doesn't understand the name 
"soft"set, because it hurt going in.  It was not soft at all!

The first night went uneventfully with the set, he only woke up once with the 
tubing wrapped around him.  This concerned him a little.  Any suggestions for 

Today he went to soccer camp.  He didn't disconnect at all in the morning, 
but did after lunch, because he felt the pump was tugging on the tubing and 
was annoying.  When I went to pick him up I noticed a lot of the adhesive 
from the tapes are not sticking to him near the infusion site, and if you 
look directly down the "button" which holds the cannula, the site itself 
looks a little red.  I suspect the lack of adhesive is causing the cannula to 
move around and making the area irritated.  He said it hurt a little, for a 
few minutes, but it is ok now.  Any ideas?  He used IVprep before insertion, 
used one layer of tape just ontop of the softset, then another over the whole 
thing.  Its a lot more that he expected, because the only thing he's ever 
seen was a sil on another person.

Anyway.  He's excited about going live, and I suspect if it did bother him a 
lot, he wouldn't say so for fear of not being able to go on it!   The main 
reason he wants sils, by the way, is because he is a very aggressive soccer 
player, and said he felt it when he slide tackled at camp today, and also, 
because when going one on one with an opponent, they tugged on his shirt 
(which is typical) and he said they tugged on the "tail" where he had 
disconnected.  He figures these wont be issues with a sil.  True?

Thanks.  I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more from me know.  I'm going to 
try to switch from digest to getting the mail, so it is easier for me to 
follow and respond to specific info I am asking for.  Until then, I'll keep 
getting the digest.

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