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[IP] Stuart Albert - pump it up!

Welcome to the list Stuart.  You will learn a lot about life with the pump 
here and if you have questions, please ask


you write:
> Because of a very busy schedule, I am not complaint with my
> insulin injections, hopefully, the pump will help.  I

Do you mean you didn't always take the injections you were supposed to?  The 
pump is merely a mechanical device that will help YOU control your diabetes, 
but it does not act on its own.  You will most likely have to test your blood 
MORE frequently than you did on injections; you will have to diligently 
examine your food and find out what your carb to insulin ratios are; you have 
to take the months required to figure out basal and bolus rates and more.  If 
you "don't have time" to take your bolus every time you put something in you 
mouth, you will find the pump provides little improvement in your life...

That said, of course, once your basals are set correctly, and you know how 
much one unit of insulin lowers you, etc., then you can go all day and not 
HAVE to eat if you are too busy.  In this regard, the pump is great - and has 
been a literal "lifesaver" for me.  I work in the entertainment industry and 
lunch time is sometimes after 4pm, if at all, and dinner is rarely before 10 
pm. The flexibility is great...but it is still ME who has to take the 

If you have the strength of mind, spirit and body to study the martial arts, 
then I have no doubt you will succeed as a pumper...just remember, young 
jedi....do or do not, there is not try...

dxed 1974 age 10, pumping 6 1/2 yrs MNMD507
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