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[IP] Julie re Prescription for insulin

I checked with a pharmacist here in Calgary and he says you can get insulin
including Humalog without a prescription, but he says they prefer a
prescription.  They prefer either a prescription or an old vial of insulin
so that they can be absloutely sure that they give you exactly the same
type.  The Europeans use different strengths and types of insulin than they
do here and it could cause a problem if they gave you a different type.
This may be the reason that they are reluctant to give Humalog without a
prescription as it may cause a low blood sugar if someone is unused to the
faster action and delays eating.  He says to take a photocopy of your
prescription or better yet take an old vial with you but in any case you
can get insulin without a prescription.  He did warn me that you might have
a problem taking your supplies across the border without a prescription

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