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[IP] Tape problems

I am having problems with the tape I use also, as I see several other postings stating the same.  I have very sensitive skin, darn it, its not tough like cow hide, and I get beet red after taking out a site and almost crying due to the darn tape pulling my skin off with it!!  I use the protective gel packets, but they do not do me any good.  I use the Bioclusive tape, as my friends at the pharmacy (who I adore!) tell me its the most breathe-able.  I was sweating alot, isn't it amazing how a stomach can sweat?  But the liquid would bubble up the old tape I used, and what a site! LOL 
Any ideas or suggestions for us thin skinned pumpers, on how to get it off without ripping us to pieces?
dx 4-68 pmpg 6-3-99, and don't you even think you can take my pump away from me now!  (PS  I was cleaning after my move to new house, and found my old medi -jector and a syringe in a carrying case,   My hubby thought I was wacky, I just laughed soooooo hard!!!  :)
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc., FSP
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