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Re: [IP] Low blood sugars

Donna wrote:
> How come I didn't get Ted's response?  It has a References: 1 though?
> Donna

Heck if I know, let's try it again:

Melvin Abbott wrote:
> Hi, I was just wondering how many people have low sugars everyday have
> been on the pump months and at first did not have any problems with
> lows.
> Now I go low all the time it seems like. If I go to wal-mart I go low
> even  if I use a temp basal rate. I was 114 before lunch 1.5 hours later
> I was 48 The thing is I never felt it.  I checked another meter just to
> be sure any help would be appreciated.       Tammy

I suspect that your control has improved with the pump to the point that
you should try lowering your basal rates somewhat. 

Ted Quick
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