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[IP] Julie

Julie I live in Calgary and I will double check but I was told you can get
insulin anywhere in Canada without a prescription.  But why not bring a
copy of your prescription?  As for your worry about your insulin getting
too hot in the mountains YOU SHOULD BE SO LUCKY!!!!  It was snowing so hard
between Jasper and Banff that they had to close the road last weekend.  I
could see my breath yesterday morning, and I was hiking through large snow
drifts last weekend.  Welcome to the frozen North!  I do a lot of hiking
myself and I've never had a problem with insulin getting too hot, although
I've had it freeze solid (but that is another story- and don't believe what
they say you can use frozen insulin if you absolutely have to).  When you
get to Calgary feel free to give me a call at 403 286 1211 if you like. 

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