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[IP] RE: Miss America is a doll!

I just had to share with everyone the wonderful experience I had last night.
One of our local hospitals hosted a session with Nicole Johnson as the
speaker.  She is not only beautiful, she is a delightful personality and an
eloquent speaker.

The majority of the audience appeared and seemed to be Type II individuals.
Some of these people had recently been diagnosed judging by the questions
that were posed to Nicole.  She expressed compassion and understanding to
those of us that live with diabetes and was absolutely wonderful with

In particular, I must share this one observation.  A small boy, maybe he was
5 or 6, was there with his Mom (I think it was Mom).  When I first saw the
little boy, I never expected it to be him that was diabetic.  After the
program was over, a reception line was formed and those that wanted to meet
"Miss America" had the opportunity.  The little boy was ahead of my husband
and I and I couldn't help but smile when I saw the little man and Nicole
comparing their emergency bracelets.  How precious . . .and how sad.  We've
got to find a cure!!!!

The last little "tidbit" of my evening was something that will make you
women-folk pumpers smile.  If any of you (men or women)saw the pageant the
night Miss Virginia (Nicole) won, perhaps you wondered where her pump was
during the evening gown competition.  Well, sitting in the audience last
night, I attempted several times to ask.  Lots of questions and not a great
deal of time so I never had the opportunity.  However, in that reception
line, I was determined to ask.  She "stored" it inside her panty hose just
inside her thigh.  As slender as she is, I had to ask.  Well, she laughed
and told me that I should have asked it out loud . . .too many questions . .
. so little time!

Even though Nicole only has a few more months left in her term, I encourage
you to do whatever you can to hear what she has to say.  How fascinating,
how encouraging.  She encourages us all to contact our local government
representatives about the $825 million that is needed for research funding.
Email them or write them or call them.  They'll get the message.

My best to everyone!

Jane Dohrmann CPS
DM - 33 years
Pumper 3 years

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