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[IP] easy access

In response to Michael writing:

>You can always recruit some big
>guy with strong hands to get it apart. 

Sam wrote:

> A small needle-nose pliers also works great... just in case 
> your local testosterone-loaded manly hulk doesn't happen to be 
> handy. <vbg>

Yeah, right...and my access to either would be.....ZERO.  I don't carry 
needle nose pliers in my emergency kit, nor do I think my manly-testosterone 
charged hunks of roommates have any in the plastic bucket that doubles as a 
tool kit...guess for me, it is just remembering NOT to screw it on with 
Amazonian force, as I wont to do, since I am, in fact, SUPERWOMAN!!!!  

Sara (workouts broke the $5 each mark last night! - whoo hooo)
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