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Re: [IP] I'm frustrated already!

When I got my MiniMed they didn't send it until the Insurance Company had
already approved it.  I have heard of them Lending people a pump until theirs
was approved.

D & D Clarke wrote:
  I called D. and asked
> if they would send a trainer over the day I start up.   Sure enough they
> will.  Great.  Now I ask some tricky questions like how soon would a pump be
> in my little hands.  They are not so clear on that.  MM was promising  me
> one very quickly and would have no problem meeting the Aug. 23 deadline.   D
> says that MM gives you a pump even if the insurance hasn't gone thru and
> will sometimes bill the patient later if anything isn't covered.  A little
> scary since we're talking $5,000 worth of equipment.
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