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[IP] I'm frustrated already!

Did I say I wouldn't be posting for awhile?  What was I thinking?  I've been
torn between the 2 pump choices, leaning towards Disetronic.  I spoke with
my very annoying CDE today and found out why she insists MM is the only way
to go.  She doesn't know how to train me on D.  There are only 2 pumps.
Would it be so hard to learn both so she can give her patients a choice?
Keep in mind this is a Joslin Center!  The leader in diabetes care.  This
doesn't stop me because I don't give up that easily.  I called D. and asked
if they would send a trainer over the day I start up.   Sure enough they
will.  Great.  Now I ask some tricky questions like how soon would a pump be
in my little hands.  They are not so clear on that.  MM was promising  me
one very quickly and would have no problem meeting the Aug. 23 deadline.   D
says that MM gives you a pump even if the insurance hasn't gone thru and
will sometimes bill the patient later if anything isn't covered.  A little
scary since we're talking $5,000 worth of equipment.    D is fairly honest
and explains some insurance companies (most) prefer the MM because it costs
them less money.  They put up quite a fight when asked to pay for the D.   I
have only had IDDM for 3 & 1/2 years, have no complications,  last A1c was
6.7.  Because of this Cigna may not be as willing to pay for the pump.
What's not seen on paper is that I have many lows in the middle of the night
(usually wake up at around 30) and high morning blood sugars(250) at least 3
days a week.

Anyway, this post is getting way too long.  I am going to see a CDE tomorrow
at a different hospital.  She taught my sister 20 years ago and I met up
with her at my Dx.  She only works with peds. but has both pumps in her
possession and is going to show me them to help me make up my mind about how
much insurance fighting I'm willing to do.  It sounds like MM is the path
of least resistance.  With a two year old, I don't have much time during the
day to harass Cigna about this claim.

Sorry to vent so much!

Donna Triolo-Clarke

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