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Re: [IP] travelling

In a message dated 7/7/99 10:37:05 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< does anyone know if you can buy Humalog over the counter without a 
prescription in Canada?  What about Washington state and Montana?
 When crossing the border and going through customs and such, do we need to 
have written prescriptions for any of my supplies?
 Do I need to adjust my basal rates at all (or eating times for that matter) 
because of the time difference (I live in Florida, so it will be about 3 
hours I believe)? >>


I don't know about Canada, but a prescription is required for Humalog 
everywhere in the United States. I've always taken photocopies of my 
prescriptions, along with a note from my doctor when I've traveled 
internationally (or some distance from home within the United States), 
although I've never had any problems going through customs. As for basal 
rates, just reset the clock on your pump.

But I have a question of my own: I see these types of questions on the list 
all the time -- things that I just pick up the phone and call my CDE (endo, 
dietitian, pump trainer or whoever the appropriate person is) about. Do I 
just have extraordinarily good support from my DM team?

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