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Re: [IP] basals, sent back sofsets

> Hey all!
> call the endo, but maybe that's why they're screwed up... I went
> high and had to bolus 2 nights in a row, didn't touch any basal
> rates, and the past 2 nights I've been going low, but who knows,
> overall food is consistent. It takes time I know, just hope it
> starts to get better again like it did the first week. 

Time to start learning about basal rates. Re-read the section in 
Pumping Insulin and visit the HOWTO's on the web site. Small basal 
changes of 0.1 can make a big difference in overall bg's. After a 
week, the NPH should probably be all gone. It will take a while to 
get the basals right, hang in there :-)
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