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[IP] basals, sent back sofsets

Hey all!
 Well, 9 days of pumping under my belt. I was saying it got easier
every day, but not since Monday, my bg are getting worse, highs and
lows, and inconsistently. I haven't touched the basals in 4 or more
days (i think ,been a long week!) I had to change my inf set yesterday,
just my luck it was a defective Sof-set, and wouldn't prime past the QR
connector. I've decided for now to also use silhouettes, so I mailed
back 2 boxes of sof-sets, and hopefully will get 2 boxes of Silhouettes
within the next week..talk about expensive to send,...over $20! 
 I don't know what to do about my bg any more, I don't really want to
call the endo, but maybe that's why they're screwed up... I went high
and had to bolus 2 nights in a row, didn't touch any basal rates, and
the past 2 nights I've been going low, but who knows, overall food is
consistent. It takes time I know, just hope it starts to get better
again like it did the first week. 

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