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[IP] travelling

Sorry guys, more questions-
In 2 weeks I am going on vacation with my family.  We will be flying to Seattle and driving into Canada (Vancouver then on to Calgary then back to the States).  I have a few quesitons...
First, does anyone know if you can buy Humalog over the counter without a prescription in Canada?  What about Washington state and Montana?
When crossing the border and going through customs and such, do we need to have written prescriptions for any of my supplies?
Do I need to adjust my basal rates at all (or eating times for that matter) because of the time difference (I live in Florida, so it will be about 3 hours I believe)?
We will be doing a lot of outdoors stuff (hiking, rafting, etc), and it may be hot during the day, though I'm not sure how it will be in the mountains...will the insulin in my pump be ok?
Thanks so much for your input.  This is my first vacation post-pump, and i'm a bit nervous.