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Re: [IP] tried (found) a new site

     Your comment about the psychological resistance to doing shots in the 
stomach applies to us non-diabetics too. When my white blood count dipped 
dangerously low from chemo, I had to take 10 days worth of shots following 
each of 3 treatments. I assured the nurse I could do it at home since I 'd 
had LOTS of experience giving my daughter shots. That first attempt was so 
foreboding though, that thereafter Melissa did all of my shots in my arms for 
me- except for the day she wasn't here (shots had to be done at same time 
each day) and I DID do the stomach shot. I thought Melissa would enjoy the 
"getting even" aspect of all of this, but when I jokingly said that, she gave 
me one of those teen-aged stares & said "DUH.... I wish you didn't need these 
shots at all!"...Gulp....How did this 16 yr old get so much wiser than her 

Regards, Renee
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