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[IP] re; inserting Tenders

Ted (I think) wrote: << Uh, Diana, it's best to take the needle out BEFORE you both
er with the 
 side of the tape. That way it won't get bent before you pull 
it out. >>

And Sara mentioned about "skinny Diana" wouldn't insert the nedle that
deep to be a problem.

LOL Sara!
I wish I was indeed "skinny Diana". Especially in the stomach area! Actually, I always try to insert
at around 30 degrees, but when I take it out I usually find it's been
in a lot deeper than that. Since I can't see what i'm doing when I'm
putting it in, I just feel.

Anyway, I knew there was a reason for doing what I do, but couldn't
remember what it was. So I tried this morning remoiving the needle
before sticking down the back tape, and remembered why I don't do
that. What happens is if the needle is still in place, the set is more
secure and it's easier to pull off the backing without joggling the
set around. When I took the needle out first, the set moved around as
I tried to pull off the backing tape and it was much harder that
way. Nothing serious, but why make life harder than you have to?
Works for me, so I'll stick to it. 
I have never had a bent cannula from doing this. When I did it the
other way I did occsionally get bent cannulas - whether as a
consequence or not i don't know. but hey, if it aint broke, why fix

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