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Re: [IP] tried (found) a new site

At 08:34 PM 7/6/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
> > >I believe that as we get older (I'm sure Sam can "confirm" this), we
> > >ALL get "enough gut" to HAVE a new site!  Hope your "new site"
> > >works well for you, Brian, though the "other" use sounds more fun!
> >
> > Due to basic lateral area expansion around my middle, I actually have more
> > sites now than I did when I started pumping. Being able to eat more 
> goodies
> > has all sorts of advantages. :-)
> > Sam
>Yep, 20+ years ago with a 29 inch waist I just couldn't imagine
>injecting into my abdomen.  It's amazing the sites that become
>available after time "expands your horizons."  Or was it the lite
>beer? "Less filling, tastes great" more gut, more sites!!  ;>)-|--O==

I can't even imagine a 29" waist... I think after heart surgery 4 1/2 years 
ago I eventually dropped down to 36" and that was pretty low for me (down 
from a 42" middle). I'm back up to 39"+ now... oh well!!  Too much pasta... 
too much cheese... too much ice cream! (If it tastes good, it has to be bad 
for you).  :-)

When I was first diagnosed over 20 years ago, I wouldn't think of using my 
stomach area... it's all psychological. Then one day I tried it... it 
wasn't as bad as I had imagined. In the couple of years before I started 
pumping I was using my mid-section almost exclusively for shots. That made 
the switch to pumping a lot easier.


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