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Re: [IP] tried (found) a new site

> >I believe that as we get older (I'm sure Sam can "confirm" this), we
> >ALL get "enough gut" to HAVE a new site!  Hope your "new site"
> >works well for you, Brian, though the "other" use sounds more fun!
> Due to basic lateral area expansion around my middle, I actually have more 
> sites now than I did when I started pumping. Being able to eat more goodies 
> has all sorts of advantages. :-)
> Sam

Yep, 20+ years ago with a 29 inch waist I just couldn't imagine 
injecting into my abdomen.  It's amazing the sites that become 
available after time "expands your horizons."  Or was it the lite 
beer? "Less filling, tastes great" more gut, more sites!!  ;>)-|--O==

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