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Re: [IP] Silhouettes

Isabelle Emery wrote:
  I have only been wearing it one day so only time
> will tell if it stays in better.  If I hadn't heard so much about it on
> this chat line I doubt if I would have tried it.  Now I am sorry I have
> such a big stock of the old infusion sets to use up before I can buy more
> Silhouettes.

Call MiniMed and ask to have them traded!! They're quite willing to do this
to help those who are still finding the best way.

> One question:  The Help Line said to remove the bottom part of the tape
> before inserting the needle, but I found that I messed up the tape when I
> did that.  Can I not leave both pieces of backing on the tape and Then
> remove the tape?  She had me stick on the tape that is folded back in front
> of the needle first, but it seemed to me that it might be easier to stick
> the bottom piece on first.

The far piece is attached first because it doesn't affect the steel introducer 
needle. If you stick down the lower one before removing the needle it will 
bend it as you pull it out which may make life complicated. That's why they
recommend you set the canula in, tape down the far tape half, then take the
backing off the half under the hose and attach it.

> Has anyone tried this?  I aslo placed extra sticky tape on top of the
> silhouette though the Help desk said that this wasn't necessary.  Will it
> really stay on with only that little patch of tape?

Yup, has done so very well for me through nearly 5 years using them. I've put 
a bit of tape over the original base tape ONLY when something happenened to
pull part of it free.
Ted Quick
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