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Re: [IP] MiniMed Reservior

Kathie -  I had trouble getting the softsets to work.  My nurse educator
told me - always carry a syringe - you can take the insulin out of your
pump, if you need to.  You don't need to carry all that stuff around!
Frankly, I only change my infusion set at home, and wouldn't even consider
it at work!  BBut your needs might be different.  Like you may be, I was
extremely nervous when I started on the pump.  You don't have to carry all
that around.  A spare syringe!  I have a refrigerator at work, and I used to
always keep my NPH and regular in it, but with the pump, all that changes!
You are wearing your insulin bottle!  Whenever you need it, it's already
there, with the needle in place!  Like a lot of other pumpers getting the
hang of the whole process, I test frequently!  I recommend that to you too!
Good luck, but get ready - the first 30 days are very frustrating, and I
threatened many times to rip the whole thing out and throw it away, and go
back to shots!  Luckily my medical team was used to hearing that, and never
took my threats to heart, although they were very concerned.  A pump is very
good, but it's NOT magic and it takes lots of practise to get used to.  OK?
Stick with it, because it definately pays off!!  This web site by itself is
a major help!!!!

Write if you need help!     Jane
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>Thursday is the big day.  My 507C goes live.  What exactly do you carry
>you at all times?  I figure an infusion set, reservoir, IV prep, alcohol
>paid, batteries, an insulin.  Up until now I always kept a Huml. pen in my
>pocketbook and if I was going for a whole day I would carry my nph and
>regular vials in a cooler.  Now that I will only be using Huml., can I just
>carry it around in my pocketbook because chances are I will use it up
>the 28 days it is good for off ice.
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