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Re: [IP] inserting Silhouettes

Thanks for your tips Lois - that's been a problem for me too!  I've only
been on the pump for a couple of months, the soft-set doesn't work for me,
while everytime I change the silhouette set, end up stuck all over that
darned flap of paper on the silhouette.  I'm also going to try your
technique for insertion!  THANKS!!!

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Date: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 10:40 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] inserting Silhouettes

>You were asking how to hold the Tender, Silhouette, etc., when inserting
>The way I was taught (which works really well for me) is to hold it where
>narrows in the middle between your thumb and middle finger.  Hold the front
>part of the paper/adhesive up and out of the way with your index finger.
>Take off the plastic sheath, insert the needle, then remove the paper from
>the front section with your free hand and stick the front down.  Remove the
>introducer needle while holding the front to avoid moving it, and then
>the paper from the back section and stick that down.  It's quick, easy, and
>relatively painless because you're not moving that introducer needle around
>while you're working on sticking everything down.  Good luck!
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