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Re: [IP] Silhouettes

At 06:44 PM 7/6/1999  Jane B Reese wrote:
>I also called MiniMed and asked to exchange my softsets for silhouettes, and
>they refused!  I told them
>I had the starter sets of some of each, and how the softset had failed three
>times in three weeks, and how
>the alarms went off.  They outright refused!  They said even if they were
>unopened, that I had had them 30 days and they would NOT take them back, or
>exchange them either!  So my advice if you're just starting on the pump, is
>get a FEW of each and try them!!  Be very sure, becuase those infusion sets
>are EXPENSIVE!!!!

Did you talk to your sales rep?? Sometimes they can finagle things when the 
standard support people won't. Also try asking for a supervisor if you try 
calling MM support next time. Often they can make decisions that the people 
on the line cannot.

Let us know what happens.


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