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Re: [IP] tried a new site

At 06:23 PM 7/6/1999  Michael wrote:
> > Due to basic lateral area expansion around my middle, I actually
> > have more sites now than I did when I started pumping. Being able to
> > eat more goodies has all sorts of advantages. :-)
> >
> > Sam
>This is a basic law of physics. Einstein found that as the rate of
>expansion increased, the mass and therefor the apparent size of the
>object (heh.... heh....) approached infinity. Just think, if you
>nibble fast enough you'll never run out of sites! I've even found you
>don't have to nibble very fast at all to get continuous 'universal'
>expansion. :-)

I know Einstein said the Universe was expanding. I just didn't think that I 
was going to take it so personally. <vbg>


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