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[IP] welcome betty

Betty wrote:

> I can't seem to get my readings to remain stable for at
. least 2-3 days.  I seem to be jumping all over the place.  

This is NORMAL!!!  give yourself at least 6 months, maybe more to figure out 
the details that are right for YOU  and not just what your medical 
professionals consider "average."  Be happy with one consistent day...then be 
happy with one 36 hour period!!!  Don't strive for perfection - just 
excellence, which is the best anyone can hope for!!!

> I'm trying my best to follow the given diet, but it seems that if I do 
> the slightest bit of activity I bottom out.  

sounds like your basals need to be reduced!!  Again - "average" patients use 
a different amount of insulin both as basal and bolus than you may use.  
Experiment - there is a place on the web site where you can plug in your 
numbers and your basal rate and see what effect a change will have.

Ask us questions, and DON'T STRESS!!!  you will get it...and before long you 
will also be saying you'll give up the pump when they "pry it from your cold 
dead hands" like me!

dxed age 10, pumping 6 1/2 years MNMD507
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