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[IP] RE: Control

 Roger wrote:

> I myself have not seen better control since going on the pump..
> I don't see the terrible lows like I did before but I'm definitly having 
> more highs then before...  SNIP .I'm lucky if I get one full day of normal 
> readings..My a1c before pump was 5.5 

First of all - 4 months is not that long - be patient!!!  Be happy that you 
have eliminated those lows, which MAY have contributed to your awesome 
A1C...don't look at the average that your meter gives you...One high blood 
sugar will screw up your average - and if you are like me, you will test ALOT 
when you are high to see if the insulin is having an effect, thus further 
skewing of the "average"

Don't FREAK if your next A1c is 6 or 6.2, though it may not be...Lab values 
for "controlled diabetics" is like in the upper 7s to 8s, and I think the 
DCCT trial group had an average of 7.2.  You are helping yourself IMMENSELY 
by getting rid of those lows...

You ARE lucky to get one normal day.  Just test and correct and log your 
results so you can start to see trends of what does and does not work.

Stay cool!  You are still new at this.  Control is possible...Perfection is 

Good luck!

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