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[IP] MiniMed Reservior

Carol wrote:

> I've been taking the tubing off the "old" reservior and filling up my 
> "new" one with the remaining insulin left in the reservior, then filling 
> rest of the "new" reservior from the Humalog vial.  ....is this really a 
> problem?  

as long as you dont have unexplainable high blood sugars, I wouldn't worry 
about it.  I routinely draw all the insulin out of the tubing back into the 
reservoir before un screwing it.  Then I draw in a little air, then  I put 
the needle back on the old reservoir...stick it in the insulin bottle  inject 
just the air (if possible) and re-fill the reservoir...so far so good.  Only 
time I had a problem doing this was when I use some insulin that had been in 
and out of the car for 2 weeks...not a smart idea...but live and learn...or 
die...which is why I test often...

Sara - who is dying of heat in NYC and sweated off her first site in more 
than 2 years (i used to lose em regularly when using hte bent needle...!!!
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