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[IP] rebound question

Kim wrote:

>  Can someone tell me how low you usually need to go to trigger 
> a rebound?  Or, is it too varied from person to person?  

Well according to my CDE and the followup research I have done, when your 
body senses a drop of more than 40 points, it will automatically release 
counter-regulatory hormones:  glucagon, cortisol, adrenaline, growth hormone 
and several others, ALL of which have a bg raising effect.  This is nature's 
way to keep you from dying.  The normal body doesn't vary by more than this 
amount and the diabetic body works the same way, pretty much (UNLESS LIVER 
FUNCTION IS IMPAIRED..which is why they test liver function).

Anyway, some people, the body dumps a huge amount, cuz it "remembers" how 
much it had to dump the last time...and then you STILL crash, so the body 
thinks -ok I need MORE...it is the roller coaster/vicious cycle we get on.

What I am finding is working best, is to treat highs MORE 
conservatively...keep my blood sugars from crashing down, which keeps the 
counter regulatory hormones from spilling in.  I am also trying to treat Lows 
with dex tabs only...once i know I am going up, and I decide I want to eat, 
then I will bolus conservatively for what I eat...sometimes when you are low, 
you want to eat not just one Oreo, but the entire row...at one time, i would 
have eaten them and said hell with the ensuing high, I am Low NOW and I want 
an immediate recovery...Now I will bolus for those Oreos, and try and err on 
the high side, rather than produce another low

> Also, what bg range does a rebound usually send you too?  

If I hit 40 or 50 at the gym during a workout, and cover with dex tabs for 
the immediate fix, I know I will be kinda HIGH after the workout, cuz my body 
has already dumped in those hormones...I usually will take 5-8 tabs.  wait 
about 15 minutes then bolus .5, just in an effort to keep those hormones from 
ruining an otherwise great workout.

> Stephanie, she tested at 3am at 90, but  2 1/2 hours later she was
> 255,...we increased across the board from 2am to 9am.  Was that 
> enough time between tests for her to go real low then rebound?  

Yes.  I can go from zero to B**CH in 2 seconds flat when it is this hot, and 
my blood sugars can likewise bounce when a low is involved...Those hormones 
are really powerful!

> when you make a basal rate change, do your usually know what 
> your results are right away, or does it take a few days for the pattern 
> to emerge?

give em time...For example I recently lowered my basals across the board and 
my body reacted with higher blood sugars as expected...but I treated the 
highs with more conservative boluses so my body wouldn't FREAK at the huge 
drops and I think I am getting adjusted to the lower basals now...but it has 
been two weeks, and a painstaking process...and I have to FORCE myself not to 
over treat.

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