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[IP] denise

Denise wrote:

> I definetly did not over bolus either time! I do think my basals need
> adjusting though. The first incident happened at 1 o'clock, which is when
> I normally would eat lunch. And the second one, was at 11 o'clock 
> when I have a 15 gm carb snack. But I still am baffled as to what 
> caused such severe lows.

Your basals should NOT be set to account for a meal or a snack.  Your basals 
should be adjusted to keep your blood sugar flat with OUT food.  Your basals 
in my humble opinion (IMHO) are set too high.  You need to be able to skip 
lunch and the snack and NOT see a difference in your blood sugars.  It should 
not matter is you exercise or not.  Your basals can not be based on how much 
exercise you do, unless it is something you do REGULARLY, every day, for 
example at one time, my basal dropped 4pm to 8pm because I worked out every 
day from about 7pm - 930, but now, since I don't ALWAYS work out at the same 
time, I have to either put in temp basal rates or eat more so I don't crash 
in my workouts

If your team is not aware of this, I would suggest a new team.  Technically 
you ought to be able to go all day without food and not see a dip or rise of 
more than, what? 20-30 points maybe?  I know my basals are not THAT perfect, 
but they are getting close.

> certainly do hope I figure it out soon, because I am starting to be 
> a bit frightened about this happening again and perhaps under 
> more dangerou circumstances! Like driving! 

I understand...and if I was you I would test EVERY time I got behind the 
wheel, and every 30 minutes thereafter...if you have no idea when your blood 
sugars are gonna drop you, I'd be scared too!  Tell your team your basals are 
too high, or take the responsibility and use the info on the web site to 
readjust your own basals before you get in trouble!

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