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[IP] inserting Silhouettes

Ted wrote in respons to Diana's insertion technique:

> Uh, Diana, it's best to take the needle out BEFORE you bother 
> with the second side of the tape. That way it won't get bent before 
> you pull it out. Bending the Teflon canula is OK, bending the needle 
> can be troublesome.

Ted, ted ted.....Best for one, is not always best for another...in case you 
havent ever played with it like I have, that introducer needle is extremely 
pliant and bends alot.  I can't imagine skinny Diana inserting it at such a 
great angle that to do it t his way would put any dangerous bend in the 

FYI I do it the same way as Diana...I like to have the thing securely in me 
and taped down before I start to pull out that sharp thing.

Did anyone know you can bend the introducer back and forth 3 sometimes 4 
times before it SNAPS off!!!  don't recommend doing this inside you, but 
merely the action of putting down the back tape isnt gonna cause a 
problem...for MOST people

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