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Re: [IP] MiniMed Reservior

At 02:07 PM 7/6/1999  Brian Carter wrote:

> > A small needle-nose pliers also works great... just in case your local
> > testosterone-loaded manly hulk doesn't happen to be handy. <vbg>
> >
> > Sam
>Or Sam you can't forget those like us that just don't want to break
>the darn thing while trying..  ;-)

Since the connector for the sils has a small "flat side" where it connects 
to the Luer lock, I find it pretty easy to unloosen without breaking 
anything. A little needle-nose pliers from my computer repair kit has 
bailed me out many times. The palm-sized little needle-nose pliers are 
actually better than their full-sized cousins, since they don't put as much 
pressure on the plastic and are less likely to hurt anything... you just 
need barely enough pressure to loosen it... not to wrench anything off.


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