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Re: [IP] tried a new site

At 06:33 AM 7/6/1999  Tara Dufour wrote:
>If I started to insert, and it hurt I would stop and move it a little until
>I found a spot that didn't hurt, thinking that it was hurting because it
>was a site I shouldn't use (vein or something).  But now with using my
>sides most times it hurts so I have had to just keep putting it in and it
>would remain sore for about an hour after inserting.  Is this normal?
>Should I keep going even if it hurts?

This is a matter of personal experience, but I've found that if it hurts on 
insertion then it will probably be uncomfortable while in use. So if it 
hurts, I just try again a few fractions of an inch away. Usually I can find 
a nice spot that feels pretty painless.


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