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Re: [IP] Thanks for you posts!

At 11:45 AM 7/6/1999  D & D Clarke wrote:
>Thanks to Beth, Ted, Richard, Pat & George for responding to my questions!
>I'm still torn between the Disetronic and MiniMed.  I have a call into my
>CDE to see what she thinks.   I'm probably going to just "lurk around"  here
>for the next month or so since I'm still in the holding pattern, so to
>speak.  I'm scheduled to begin pump training on August 16th and get hooked
>up on the 23rd.   I'll be reading the posts but probably won't chime in to
>much until I am actually using the pump.  I'm sure I'll have lots of ?s
>then!  It's nice to know there's a group of knowledgeable pump users out
>there willing to help!  Make it a little less scary!

Some people have chosen a pump based on color or a coin flip. Whichever one 
you choose, I'm sure you'll be happy with it.


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