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[IP] Thanks for you posts!

Thanks to Beth, Ted, Richard, Pat & George for responding to my questions!
I'm still torn between the Disetronic and MiniMed.  I have a call into my
CDE to see what she thinks.   I'm probably going to just "lurk around"  here
for the next month or so since I'm still in the holding pattern, so to
speak.  I'm scheduled to begin pump training on August 16th and get hooked
up on the 23rd.   I'll be reading the posts but probably won't chime in to
much until I am actually using the pump.  I'm sure I'll have lots of ?s
then!  It's nice to know there's a group of knowledgeable pump users out
there willing to help!  Make it a little less scary!

I think I switched over to plain text.  I guess we'll soon find out!

Thanks again!
Donna Triolo-Clarke

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