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Re: [IP] Site Change Sequence


I don't know if you got a free video from Minimed with your start-up kit?  I 
got a video through my doctor when I was trying to decide on which pump to 
buy.  The Minimed video shows you the steps to go through when preparing 
your new infusion sets.  I watched that and made step-by-step notes so that 
I could reference them when trying to do it on my own.  It really helped!


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>Subject: [IP] Site Change Sequence
>Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 10:09:29 EDT
>I'm using a MM 507C and when I first started about 6 weeks ago, one thing
>that wasn't emphasized in my training that I think should have been 
>right sequence to what to do when, during site changes.  Eg.  I came very
>close to putting the infusion set in my stomach (with my sof-serter) before 
>had the reservoir back in the pump. I, for some unknown, lucky, lucky, 
>changed my mind at the last minute, and put the reservoir back in the case
>first.  As I put as much insulin as possible in the reservoir, it's a 
>tight fit when snapping it into place, but any jiggling would have the same
>effect.  Well, when I saw a large squirt of insulin come shooting out of 
>inserter needle, I broke out in a cold sweat thinking how close I came to
>eating at lease a dozen Mars bars!
>Carol Guest
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