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Re: [IP] Sunday at the Beach - 4th of July

> 8:44 p.m.    191 mg/dl  (Mom underestimated bolus at the Mexican
> restaurant for dinner or still needed more from missed insulin at
> beach - not sure which - correction bolus taken)
The mexican food is the culprit, pretty common reaction. Usually a 
square wave will fix the late sugar peak. There is a lot of fat in 
mexican food that slows down digestion. The other problem with kids 
is that if they eat a huge amount, their system tops out and they 
only process food at a fixed rate, even if normally the food would 
digest quickly, if there is too much, it spreads out. This is 
analogous to "insulin pooling". Doesn't happen often, but does if 
they pig-out so a square wave helps a lot on a very large meal.

> 9:00           
> Huge piece of birthday cake - mom overestimates the bolus (ugh)
> 11:08 p.m.  60 mg/dl   (oh brother another chocolate milk - don't
> tell the dietician)
Cake is a gottcha. Easy to over-estimate. In almost 5 years of 
trying, Lily and I still can't get it right. Best to automatically 
under estimate 10 - 20% at least. Also, with all the fat in the 
frosting, the digestion is slow.

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