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Re: [IP] Carb counting

Hi Kathie!
Personally, I don't really have a lot of faith in carb counting books - even the info on carb counting in general can be off, and definitely the fast food places.

One, it depends on how they do the clinical trials to determine the amount of carbs in any one item.  Two different researchers can use two different methods and come up with different results.  Secondly, even if everyone uses the identical test, it can vary from say Burger King in Abilene to the Burger King in Omaha, depending on the sizes (even if their standardized!)  Anyone traveling cross country (not on skis!) can attest to this. Maybe they don't measure the sugar in their 'secret sauce' the same way.  Who knows? Also in fast food places the fat content is high and this can up your BG levels too.  Be safe and go with the lower amounts and check in 2 hours.

Size of items listed in books, still doesn't give really accurate data.  How big is a big grapefruit?  Well actually it's 11 oz. but unless you're weighing them each a.m. be careful.  One large grapefruit is 'supposedly' two fruit exchanges or 30 gms. CHO last I heard.  But as a grapefruit lover I can tell you, I've NEVER needed to take the same amount of insulin for a grapefruit according to what's listed in a book.  Also it depends on the sweetness (hence a very ripe banana can 'cost' me more insulin, than a green tipped one). 
Once again, err on the conservative side, check your BG in two hours, and establish YOUR needs.

Fiber content can vary from amounts given too.  As well as the amount of water in an item.  If you like your oatmeal firmer rather than softer, the carb amounts are going to change.

Use those carb books as a 'ballpark' figure only.  Also pay attention to fiber content and fat content. And check, check, check.  It seems to me that no matter where I go for Mexican food, and no matter what I order, I always need the same amount of insulin - a lot.
Nowadays I just take it and I'm on target about 95% of the time. (And yes I still check 2 hours later.)

Yeah, I know, this is more information than you could possibly want, but what can I say, I'm a diabetic with an academic background in nutrition, and a professional chef as well.  What a combination!! (But I make great sugar free desserts!)

Hang in there!

 ---- On Jul  5 email @ redacted wrote: 
> I have bought two carb books.  Had a Burger King BK Broiler without mayo 
> today.  Each book gave me a different carb count.  I went online to Burger 
> King and go a different answer than my first two sources.  How does one get 
> this right?
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