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Re: [IP] Erica's Appointment!! Feet Aren't Touching The Ground!

   This post should be re-printed, laminated & sent to every ped. endo who 
stubbornly refuses to consider pump therapy for kids. I loved the comment 
about Erica's "emotional well-being"! It's been my #1 contention for a long 
time that living with diabetes is less about the "mechanics" of it & more 
about the constancy of it wearing down one's resolve to stay committed to the 
needed routines. Thankfully, other than site changes, there isn't a strict 
routine to pump therapy, which alleviates all that wasted "guilt" that we 
lived with on MDI.....I'm thrilled for Erica, for you & your family...and 
also to hear of a doctor who's receptive to LEARNING what pump therapy can 
offer her young patients!!! BRAVO!!!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's mom/advocate/coach)
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