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[IP] Erica's Appointment!! Feet Aren't Touching The Ground!

Y A H O O ! ! ! !    Forgive me for the excitement, but after Erica's
specialist appointment we are riding high :)    Her endo said she is
very happy with how the pump is working for Erica.  She dictated a
letter while we were sitting there and in it said that she 'strongly'
recommends the insurance company cover the costs associated with Erica's
pumping as it has significantly improved her control and has been a
benefit to her emotional wellbeing.  I could have kissed her!!
Actually, if it hadn't been for the round table between us, she would
have gotten a big squeeze. That is what the insurers have been waiting
for and now we don't feel like we have 'Big Brother' looking over our
shoulder.  It should be ours free and clear by the end of the summer!

She also photocopied the sheet I designed for Erica, to offer for use
for other patients.
She asked how the insulin mix 5H:1R  is going and after hearing about
how well it is working, she is going to recommend it to another young
pumper.  She is getting her own copy of Pumping Insulin by John Walsh
plus a spare to pass out to inquiring parents....had her secretary get
the order form while we were still there, and is so happy with how
things have gone for our whole family.  She said we did the right thing
by being SO prepared before going on the pump....you all had a lot to do
with that....and that has made a difference between successful pumping
and disappointment.

Thanks to the people who must have been sending good thoughts our way
because Erica's fever had subsided by this morning and although she is
now feeling a little under the weather, she was fine for our visit.  The
power of cyberfriends :-)  Pat, prayers right back at ya....here's
hoping for a successful eye appointment for Shawnna!

So, we are off again, travelling and enjoying life to the fullest.  Talk
to you all in a few weeks.

hugs to all,
Barb....Erica's mom

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