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Re: [IP] inserting Silhouettes

Di, I've always done like you, i.e., never removing the tape first.  I
can't tell you how many silhouettes i messed up taking the tape off
first--not even sure why it is recommended to do it that way, since it is
som much easier your (and my) way (even on the butt).  To simplify even
more, I first bend and fold back all 4 of the little tabs on the pull offs.
This makes it simpler to grab after insertion.    I also hold it like a
knife (between thumb and middle finger with index on top).  Sometimes the
needle bends a bit when inserting, but i usually catch it in time.  I've
never had a catheter kink because of it.

>>>>>>	Maybe I just like to be different, but I find that if I peel the
backing off the front part of the tape before I insert the needle, I
end up getting it stuck to my finger and messing it up. it may be just
because my sight is so bad I can't see what I'm doing, so I have to
feel, and it's easier not to have the sticky part exposed until you
have to. But it might be easier to do it this way when you insert a
set in your butt, for example, and can't see what you're doing.
	Anyway, I find it easiest to remove the pastic sheath over the
needle, bend
back the front part of the tape with the backing still on, insert the
needle, then with my right hand I hold it in place and with my left
hand I pull off the backing tae and stick it down. I then repeat that
for the other side of the tape with my hands reversed (so I hold it
wiht my left hand and pull off the tape with my right. Lastly I pull
out the needle and attach the tubing.
	What I haven't figured out is how to hold the needle as you're
inserting it. Do you hold it like a pen or like a knife? I find it
easier to get in if I hold it like a knife, but then sometimes the
cannula kinks when I do that, as I don't go in straight.

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