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Re: [IP] inserting Silhouettes

You were asking how to hold the Tender, Silhouette, etc., when inserting it.  
The way I was taught (which works really well for me) is to hold it where it 
narrows in the middle between your thumb and middle finger.  Hold the front 
part of the paper/adhesive up and out of the way with your index finger.  
Take off the plastic sheath, insert the needle, then remove the paper from 
the front section with your free hand and stick the front down.  Remove the 
introducer needle while holding the front to avoid moving it, and then remove 
the paper from the back section and stick that down.  It's quick, easy, and 
relatively painless because you're not moving that introducer needle around 
while you're working on sticking everything down.  Good luck!
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