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[IP] Site Change Sequence

I'm using a MM 507C and when I first started about 6 weeks ago, one thing 
that wasn't emphasized in my training that I think should have been is....the 
right sequence to what to do when, during site changes.  Eg.  I came very 
close to putting the infusion set in my stomach (with my sof-serter) before I 
had the reservoir back in the pump. I, for some unknown, lucky, lucky, reason 
changed my mind at the last minute, and put the reservoir back in the case 
first.  As I put as much insulin as possible in the reservoir, it's a fairly 
tight fit when snapping it into place, but any jiggling would have the same 
effect.  Well, when I saw a large squirt of insulin come shooting out of the 
inserter needle, I broke out in a cold sweat thinking how close I came to 
eating at lease a dozen Mars bars!
Carol Guest 
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